Key results

We are thankful for the mandate our stakeholders have granted us over the years to deliver sustainable results out of our many partnerships and collaborations. Below, you find an overview of the impact we have generated with our partners ever since 2002, the year we were founded. You also find a link to our most recent  Track Record.



Total amount of people at the Base of the (global wealth) Pyramid (BoP) whose lives we have helped improve.

The amount of countries where we have contributed to providing the BoP with clean water and good sanitation.

Amount of people we have provided with clean and safe drinking water

The total amount of project and program money we have managed for funds and (government) grant programs.


Amount of people we have served with proper sanitation facilities

The amount of companies we have worked with over the years, as (co)financing partners or otherwise.

Amount of people we have reached with water conservation

Number of contracts we have signed.


Top 10 countries over the past 3 years

  1. Kenya (5 million)
  2. Ethiopia (2.1 million)
  3. Uganda (1.01 million)
  4. Mozambique (0.96 million)
  5. Ruanda (0.93 million)
  6. Ghana (0.93 million)
  7. Bangladesh (0.72 million)
  8. Afghanistan (0.55 million)
  9. Tanzania (0.39 million)
  10. Malawi (0.31 million)

Distribution of project budgets over contract types

  • Water sector 21%
  • Business & Knowledge Institutions 18%*
  • Foreign (incl UN) 2%
  • Large NGO’s 33%
  • Smaller Private Initiatives 15%
  • Other Aqua for All internal 11%

* business includes foundations with a consultancy orientation.


  • WASH main 46%
  • Kiosk 13%
  • Football for Water 4%
  • IWRM/3R  16%*
  • New Sanitation 11%
  • Services for the Base of the pyramid 11%

*IWRM (Integrated water resources management