Innovation tracks

Aqua for All supports a whole range of activities in developing countries – all aimed at providing the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) with access to safe, clean water and proper sanitation. Many of those activities focus on three thematic areas we call ‘Innovation tracks’. These focus areas are 3R, New Sanitation and Services for the BoP.

Innovation track 1 : 3R

We support sustainable water management for development purposes. This type of management revolves around ‘3R’ : recharging, retaining and re-using ground- and rainwater.


Innovation track 2 : New Sanitation

Aqua for all supports new ways to improve sanitation, a huge market (2.4 billion!) with enormous potential. We address the challenge of making, managing and maintaining sanitation services commercially interesting.

Innovation track 3 : Services for the BoP

Aqua for All supports the development of high-quality WASH technology that people in BoP communities can afford, obtain and maintain. Often, these services offer opportunities for income generation at the local level – sometimes even enabling small businesses to emerge.


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