Household Water Treatment & Safe Storage program in Ethiopia very promising!

Aqua for All, several commercial suppliers of household water filters and the Finote Selam Water Utility in the Amhara region of Ethiopia are engaged in a Public Private Partnership to provide Safe Water at Point of Use. All local decision makers have been involved from the start of the program (July 2016) in designing the approach. The local government acknowledges its responsibility to find solutions: ‘The health of the people is our responsibility’. A ‘no free gifts’ policy is applied and we offer the option to pay in installments. Apart from that, after sales service is provided, there is an ongoing demonstration of technologies and a secure supply chain. The Utility uses a business model to ensure financial sustainability.

The study Thijs did was a follow-up of a baseline study performed in 2016 as well as a new baseline study in Debre Markos, the next Ethiopian city to have water filters administered to its citizens. This Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage program (HWTS) proves to be extremely promising: customer satisfaction has been reported very high, the cooperation with the local water utilities is very satisfying and there is a tremendous potential for upscaling the distribution. Drinking water challenges in Ethiopia are vast and their solutions to supply drinking water to all households is a long term process which demands huge investments;  Household water treatment is therefore promoted and accepted as a very good interim solution while utilities will still be held accountable to deliver safe drinking water.

HWTS provides a solution to the demand for clean and accessible drinking water in Ethiopia, proves to be necessary and is appreciated by the Ethiopians. The research, swift as it was, was very succesful and incites great hopes for the HWTS program we started in Malawi. We are very grateful to both the water utility team in Finote Selam as well as the team in Debre Markos and we especially thank our local consultant Gashaye Chekol, whose never ending energy and passion for his work and his people made the research such an enormous success!

If you want more information about the program you can send an email to:
Hester Foppen, Sr. Program Manager: