We proudly present the new Sarphati Sanitation Awards Jury!

Opening Ceremony of the AIWW 2015

The Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2017 will be presented during the Opening Ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week on 30 October in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. We herewith announce the new members of the Sarphati Sanitation Awards Jury 2017:

  1. Her Excellency Ms Lidi Remmelzwaal, Chair of World Waternet, will be the Chairperson of the Sarphati Sanitation Awards Jury 2017. Ms Remmelzwaal is the interim Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Nether-lands to Jordan and has worked as Ambassador of Ethiopia, the African Union and Djibouti (2013-2016), Ghana (2006-2010) and Mozambique (2002-2006).  Ms Remmelzwaal was graduated at Wageningen University as an Agricultural Engineer and holds an MSc in Human Nutrition and Tropical Agriculture.
  2. Dr Arno Rosemarin (who was also a member in 2015) is a Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) in Sweden. He holds a PhD in eutrophication and now specializes in disaster risk reduction, sustainable sanitation and hygiene and water resources management. He co-founded the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance in 2007 and is currently managing the SuSanA knowledge platform development project sponsored by the Gates Foundation.
  3. Dr Claire Furlong recently joined the Environmental Engineering and Water Technology Department of IHE Delf in the Netherlands where she works as a lecturer/researcher  in Non-Sewered Sanitation.  She holds a PhD in  Environmental Engineering for Developing  Countries. She has 12 years’ experience in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in low- and middle-income countries and has worked in over 13 low- and middle-income countries, both humanitarian (protracted crisis) and development contexts. She specializes in Non-Sewered Sanitation (sanitation value chain) and disruptive technologies both from a technical and the enabling environment perspective.
  4. Prof Dr Ir Sybe Schaap studied agricultural engineering and Economic Sciences and holds a PhD in Philosophy.  He teaches Water Policy and Governance at the Technical University Delft and the Wageningen University for Agricultural Sciences. At the same time he is a member of the Dutch Senate and a publisher of various books on Philosophy.  He is former Chair of the Dutch Water Board Association and he is Chair of the Netherlands Water Partnership.
  5. Dr Graham Alabaster is Program Manager of the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT) in Nairobi. He has a first degree in Chemical Engineering, holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and has a special interest in human health and has been an international consultant on sustainable waste water management & sanitation in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He joined UN-HABITAT in 1992 and has played a key role in building the Water, Sanitation and Infrastructure Branch and represents UN-HABITAT on many interagency bodies.

The Nomination Committee for the Sarphati Sanitation Award for Young Entrepreneurs consists of:  

Aart van den Beukel (Safi Sana), Alyse Schrecongost (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Cheryl Hicks (Toilet Board Coalition), David Auerbach (Sanergy), Emily Christensen Rand (Global Water Practices), Roshan Shrestha (BMGF), Sjef Ernes (Aqua for All), Steven van Rossum (World Waternet), Valentin Post (WASTE). This list may still be extended.

Nominations can be sent to the Secretariat of the Sarphati Sanitation Awards: sarphati2017@aquaforall.org. On the 1st of August the nominees will be published.

The Nominations for the Sarphati Sanitation Award for Lifetime Achievement will be done by the Dutch Embassies. We will inform you on this procedure at short notice.

During the AIWW a Sarphati Seminar will be organized in cooperation with the Award winners. For more information on the seminar please send an email to Denise Kristel, World Waternet: denise.kristel@waternet.nl


Guidelines Nom. Comm. & Jury SSA2017 en Nomination Form Sarphati Sanitation Award for Young Entrepreneur 2017