Water quality in Mali: Underwater drones for water testing

Launching a drone into the waters of the Niger – not something you do everyday. Yet a few weeks ago, VIA Water Program Manager Titia Wouters visited Mali and did just that. The project which launched the drone is focused on water quality of the river Niger, and it will monitor the quality through the use of Akvo Caddisfly and the Indymo underwater drone. Caddisfly uses a sensor which collects physico-chemical and bacteriological pollution indicators from the water, is connected to a smartphone app and can be used from the side of a boat. With the Indymo drone, more difficult-to-reach spots are also monitored, such as the inside of drain pipes and the edges of the shore.

The project not only focuses on assembling new data on water; alongside the launch of the drone, a website was also launched which collects data from different organisations. This makes the data and analyses accessible to a larger audience, contributing in itself to better awareness about the current water quality situation and possible implications for the future.

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