Providing smart project monitoring tools and services

Aqua for All offers well-tailored Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) services. We follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act model to ensure continuous efficiency and effectiveness of projects and programs. At the same time, we support organizations to go beyond the implementation of one specific project or program.

Together with the organization AKVO, we developed a method which uses monitoring, data acquisition and data analysis to help multi stakeholder consortia to change, improve and scale-up their activities. We call it CLICK (Continuous Learning, Improving and Creation of Knowledge).

Improving programs
CLICK supports the management, accounting, learning and scaling of WASH projects. It can be used for all projects, and it is very suitable for more complex interventions where companies, development ngo’s, local government and other stakeholders work together to create sustainable WASH services. CLICK provides data which can be used for information sharing, to learn and improve programs during their implementation.

This way, Aqua for All can help their partners to mitigate risks and continuously adapt their strategy to make their intervention as effective as possible. By creating evidence based information, CLICK helps to create a track record for companies and ngo’s to scale up their services and make them attractive for new clients or for donor funding.

Some of the programs we have provides this service so far:
* Football for Water
* Walking for Water
* PPP Lab
* PME advisory services to urban water and sanitation development in Mozambique

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