Developing programs and partnerships

Aqua for All actively searches for opportunities to help set up or support programs and partnerships that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We apply international grants as leverage tools, increasing the scope and impact of those programs and partnerships, and put Dutch water and sanitation expertise to good practice.

We're particularly keen on setting up and supporting Public Private Partnerships that focus on water governance, water operations and technological, organizational and supply chain innovations. Experienced enterprises and knowledge institutions – both from the Netherlands and our target countries – can support these innovations. Often, the knowledge for innovative solutions already exists somewhere, but has not yet been tailored to the BoP’s specific requirements for water and sanitation services.

Commercial approach
However specific these solutions may be, creating them generally involves helping local people and organizations develop an entrepreneurial approach to the set-up, implementation and maintenance of water and sanitation machines facilities and services. Through adopting more of a commercial approach, the immense scale of the water and sanitation shortage in the world is no longer seen as merely a problem, but more as a market opportunity. From this perspective, upscaling a project can be considered an interesting market opportunity – appealing to investors.

Some of the programs and partnerships we have provided so far:
* PPP Small
Wandelen voor Water (Walking for Water Campaign)
Football for Water

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