Developing business opportunities

Aqua for All supports innovation and business development. We provide a special advisory desk for those with innovative business ideas that have the potential to improve the living circumstances for the BoP, but are generally considered relatively risky for investment, and hence struggle to find funding. Our aim is to support these promising business ideas, from development to the realization of concrete pilots.

Some examples of business inititiatives we helped develop opportunities: projects we provide(d) this service for:
* Basic Water Needs Foundation
* Water forever International
* Safi Sana
* Simgas
* Business Incubator Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste for the Poor

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Free Feedback Friday

Are you an innovative entrepreneur that wants to start or grow a company in Africa – particularly in the water and/or sanitation business? Aqua for All works with Africa Funded to give you free online feedback on your business plans – through Skype.

Every Friday, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to go on a 30-minute, one-to-one and completely confidential speed date with one of our experts. These experts can get you in touch with the right people and will give you valuable information on a variety of topics: from product market combinations and technology to the competitive landscape in specific countries. There’s also the possibility to be invited to an Aqua for All in-depth support program.

Subscribe for a Free Feedback Friday session! Contact for availability. Get more information about doing sustainable business in a developing country at, a unique search engine, co-created by Aqua for All.