Do you need funding?

You have a project or program in mind, aimed at  providing people at the Base of the Pyramid with access to clean water and sanitation. That’s why you contact us. Because we do not only discuss and sharpen your proposal with you, we also help you find funding. Our wide network of (co-)financing partners is at your disposal.

7 steps for funding

Step 1 : Share your project idea
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You fit!

Step 2 : Pre-screening using our entry criteria
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We see potential!

Step 3 : Feedback and follow-up
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You clarify or sharpen your proposal

Step 4 : Making a full application
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You’ve finished the procedure well

Step 5 : Appraisal
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Your project has been approved

Step 6 : Feedback loops
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You have improved the project proposal

Step 7 : Contract


Read more about our Application criteria

Sources for funding
We will search our international network for the means you need for your project or program. Potential financing partners include:

  • companies from the Dutch water sector;
  • companies outside of the water sector;
  • funds and (government) grant programs;
  • funding or funds distributing NGO’s.


‘Aqua for All has been one of our biggest and most prominent sponsors ever since 2004, enabling us to help thousands of underprivileged children in Central Java. Thanks to the organization's generous support, we have – among other things – been able to provide local schools with hygienic toilets, rainwater tanks and wells. Apart from supporting us financially, Aqua for All has also provided us with valuable expertise in the field of water and sanitation services. ’
Bert Steenwinkel, chairman Stichting Kinderhulp Indonesië