Kenya Smart Water for Agriculture program is launched

Aqua for All is engaged in another new program in Kenya. This program will increase water productivity, income and food security by developing climate-smart and market-led ‘smart water’ solutions. This six million euro four-year program is funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Kenya.

More crop per drop
Kenya Smart Water for Agriculture (SWA) will promote market-led water management solutions to support 20,000 farmers in five counties to increase their yields without increasing their costs. By using less water and energy to decrease their input costs these small and medium-sized entrepreneurial (SME) farmers are expected to increase the income and profitability of their farms.

Developing a sustainable market for such products by enabling private sector business growth is also an important objective. Therefore the program will support the development of ‘Smart Water’ products, processes and services which are financially accessible to SME famers, in particular women, and which facilitate off-season production.

Within the program Aqua for All will mainly focus on the following initiatives:

  • improving access to finance for farmers and private sector suppliers
  • strengthening linkages between Dutch and Kenyan businesses,
  • Support continuous learning and exchange

Furthermore the program focusses on:

  • Establishing Irrigation Acceleration Platforms that engage and foster collaboration between farmers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Improving the accessibility to and adoption of Smart Water products and services by SME farmers, including an increased range of climate-adaptive and profitable smart water options.

The overall program is managed by SNV Kenya, the project will be implemented in consortium with MetaMeta, Practica and KIT (Royal Tropical Institute).