Kenya RAPID: Water for crops gives women in Kenya’s drylands a voice


Dry weather & rising temperatures damaged the harvests in Alimao in northeast Kenya. Change is afoot, however: Since 2016 the “Kenya Resilient Arid Lands Partnership for Integrated Development” (Kenya RAPID) aims to improve 45,000 people’s access to water & sanitation in dry northern counties. It’s a unique partnership between local governments, civil society & the private sector. We work with private sector players to develop PPPs that contribute to the program goals.

It’s a five-year development program bringing together public and private institutions and communities to increase access to water and sanitation for people & water for livestock. The aim is to rebuild a healthy rangeland management ecosystem. The program is designed using a (partly) market-driven model that can be adapted for use in other counties.

Women from Alimao are now helped by growing vegetables under shade nets that protect the crops from predators and the sun’s intensity. A drip irrigation system is installed under the nets to use water more efficiently. Read more: Water for crops gives women in Kenya’s drylands a voice