Sharing lessons learned in market led approaches for safe water at point of use in Ethiopia


At the completion of the Self Supply Acceleration program in Ethiopia as part of a larger program coordinated by the Millennium Water Alliance we want to share two documents with our insights:

1) Our approach, insights and lessons learned from the ‘Try and buy HWTS pilot’. This pilot resulted in valuable insights to improve current (businesswise) practices in HWTS and contribute to the development of an approach to develop a sustainable supply chain for HWTS.

2) A ‘Blended approach’ document with recommendations for the WASH sector in Ethiopia on how to successfully develop a market-led approach/supply chain for HWTS. This second document is specifically targeting NGOs that are actively working on safe water at point of use in rural areas and small towns. It includes recommendations on how to develop a sustainable HWTS supply chain in Ethiopia and is meant as an invitation for further discussion within the WASH sector. The proposed approach should be further developed and digested after some consultative discussion within the sector has taken place.

We invite everyone to exchange thoughts with us, provide feedback and share ideas. 

For more information please contact: Marlies Batterink, Sr Program Manager Aqua for All:

You can download the reports here: Final report & Recommendations