AquaShareware – Publications

AquaShareware publications are organised according to the following topical themes:

  1. Rainwater Harvesting: a wealth of information on smart ways to recharge, retain and re-use the vital source of rain- and storm water.  Many interesting case studies from around the world!
  2. Household Water Treatment & Storage:  how can we meet the last mile delivery challenge for safe drinking water for households?  Smart ideas that are ready to be spread geographically and reach more people. Let’s scale!
  3. WASH & the Base of the Pyramid: the millions of people earning less than $4/day need specific and suitable water, sanitation & hygiene solutions offered by sustainable public/private service providers! Take a look!
  4. New Sanitation:  the provision of sanitation services in developing countries is an enormous and emerging market with much potential (and challenges) for entrepreneurs and social investors.  Read about it!
  5. Water Nexus:  Water’s vital connection to climate resilience, energy, food security and health.  Let’s be aware!
  6. Public-Private Partnership Lab:  Interested in learning how to maximize the impact and effectiveness of PPPs from the recently established Dutch think tank? This is the place!
  7. Via Water: Our program partner shares inspiring stories about solving water problems in African cities! Read more about the program’s ambition.

If a publication substantively addresses mulitple themes, it is listed under each theme.