Annual Report 2016: Delivering Value in 2016

It’s my pleasure to bring your attention to the Aqua for All Annual Report Delivering Value in 2016, approved last week by our Supervisory Board based on the positive findings of the external financial auditor.

Aqua for All’s role as intermediary and aggregator among the entities and organizations building scalable and sustainable water and sanitation solutions for the BoP continues to grow.  The launch of the Sustainable Development Goals has expanded the landscape – bringing interesting new opportunities in cross-sector solutions as well as new potential sources of funding for WASH.  We are pleased with the results achieved over the course of the year together with our partners in the field.  This report spotlights a number of areas where we feel that value delivered has been particularly strong. Perhaps you will notice that a business approach is ever-present.  That is intentional.

It bears repeating – through joining forces we get further.  Together we can innovate to leverage money streams and to maximize the effect of experts and professionals to reach SDG#6, structural access to water and sanitation for all.  Support from donors, Official Development Aid from DGIS and the business sector makes sense, real sense. We no longer need to simply visualize the effects of Development Cooperation, we make it happen. Our team is proud to play a role in the new forms of cooperation we see emerging and is motivated to continue to do so in the future.

Enjoy reading: Annual Report 2016 Delivering Value in 2016

On behalf of the Aqua for All team

Sjef Ernes, Managing Director