Report on the current state of the SWE market

The untapped potential of decentralised safe drinking water enterprises
Safe Water Enterprises (SWEs) provide a modular, decentralized approach to delivering safely treated drinking water in the developing world. In January 2017 a report was completed by Dalberg Global Development Advisors on the current state of the SWE market. This report analyzed 14 SWEs that serve a total of 3 million people and also undertook a global market assessment. Key findings include the potential to serve billions of people and the challenges, which are clearly identified in the study, to be overcome if this potential is to be realized.

A summary of the report’s highlights can be  downloaded here.

The report was supported by Aqua for All, Danone Communities, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Osprey Foundation and The Stone Family Foundation. The full report can be downloaded on the Safe Water Enterprise website: