Strategic partners and members

Do you agree that the Base of the Pyramid should have access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation? By becoming a strategic partner or member of Aqua for All you have the chance to provide them with that access, doing your part in achieving the UN Development Goals. Below, you’ll find a list of current members and partners, plus two special partnerships Aqua for All is involved in: VIA Water and PPP Small.

Become partner too!

Partnerships are essential for our work. Are you interested? Your membership contribution allows us to further our work for the Base of the Pyramid. In return, we offer you:

* the opportunity to increase the impact of the water and sanitation projects you support, by allowing Aqua for All to identify other co-financing parties;
* the possibility to place a trainee from your organisation at Aqua for All, in order to expand your knowledge on drinking water and sanitation services;
* advice, monitoring, evaluation, (political) lobby, branding and creativity concerning all projects and programs you support;
* the possibility to use our network for a variety of purposes, such as fundraising, lobbying and gaining knowledge or expertise.

Contact us to become a strategic partner or member at gro.l1427591015larof1427591015auqa@1427591015ofni1427591015. You may decide the level of your financial contribution and indicate which focus points you may have in mind in terms of products, themes or countries. Together, we’ll draw up a membership agreement.


Special partnerships

VIA Water
Is a program that aims to identify innovative solutions for water problems facing cities in seven African countries: Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda and South Sudan. VIA Water works with you to bring your smart water innovation to life and encourages you to join forces with other bright sparks from different backgrounds to enhance it and share it within the VIA Water community. If needed, we will also provide you with some (financial) support.

PPP Small
Is an Aqua for All program that receives support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a variety of other parties. It is one of the the few Dutch support counters for small Public Private Partnerships; those ‘PPP’s’ whose WASH activities cost less than a million euros. Through smart financial injections and knowledge sharing, Aqua for All helps create, develop, test and scale up innovative, sustainable solutions for water and sanitation challenges.
To be eligible for funding, projects and programs must result from PPPs and involve innovative solutions. These innovative solutions may or may not be technological in nature. An innovation might also simply involve new ways of doing things – breaking away from the dependency model of traditional aid. Aqua for All is charged with investing in projects and programs that motivate and support local people in making ‘access to water and sanitation for the BoP’ a profitable business, interesting for local entrepreneurs to invest in, develop and maintain. This approach leads to more structural, sustainable solutions to the water and sanitation crisis.
Do you want to know more? Contact us via gro.l1427591015larof1427591015auqa@1427591015ofni1427591015.

Current partnerships!

Millennium Water Alliance (MWA)
Is a strategic partner in MWA – Kenya Arid Lands Disaster Risk Reduction program (MWA-KALDRR) and Ethiopia Self-Supply Acceleration program. Among other things, Aqua for All seconded employee Tabitha Gerrets to MWA Kenya for a period of two years. Ms. Gerrets’ assignment has been made possible through the Dutch Young Expert Program Water and is part of the strategic partnership between MWA and Aqua for All.

The Millennium Water Alliance offers sustainable solutions through advocacy, shared knowledge, and collaborative programming. Headquartered in Washington DC, it is the consortium of leading charities helping to bring safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. MWA works with governments, corporations, foundations, individuals and other NGOs to advance best practices, share knowledge, build collaborations and advocate for greater commitment to this global goal. MWA’s members include Aguayuda, CARE, Catholic Relief Services, Food for the Hungry, Global Water, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, IRC – International Water and Sanitation Center, Lifewater International, Living Water International, Pure Water for the World, WaterAid in America,, Water For People, Water Missions International,, and World Vision.

World Toilet Organisation (WTO)
Is our partner at the first Global Sanitation Business Matchmaking Initiative held in Singapore. World Toilet Organization is one of the few organizations that straddles between urban and rural sanitation. Breaking the silence on the sanitation crisis is at the heart of what they do.

Is our partner in Football for Water and Wandelen voor Water and also takes part in the advisory board of Wandelen voor Water. Simavi is an independent international development organisation, which strives for a world in which basic health is accessible to all. Basic health is a crucial stepping stone for building a better existence and creating a way out of poverty. They are specialized in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and and sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

Partnership Resource Center
Is our  contract partner in the PPP Lab. The Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) is built up as a flexible learning network. This implies that it is at the centre of a (virtual) network of professionals, academics and practitioners around the world that share and collect information on selecting appropriate partnerships and increasing their efficiency, impact and effectiveness.

KNVB World Coaches
Is our partner in the Football for Water program. KNVB WorldCoaches is educating football coaches in developing countries accross the World since 1997. WorldCoaches are educated so that they can transfer their knowledge on football and social issues to future WorldCoaches in their area. From physical education teachers to former professional football players, men or women: anyone can become a WorldCoach.

Is a contract partner in the Football for Water program and in the PPP Lab. SNV is an international not-for-profit development organization with a local presence in 39 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Their local and international advisors equip communities, businesses, and organisations with the tools, knowledge, and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services — guiding their own development in Agriculture; Renewable Energy; and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Amref Flying Doctors
Is a partner in Wandelen voor Water and also takes part in the advisory board of Wandelen voor Water. Amref Flying Doctors is the leading health organization in Africa. They work on improving the health of vulnerable people. They believe that everyone has the right to be healthy and to stay healthy, because healthy people have a better chance of being able to provide for themselves and of escaping from poverty.

Is a partner in Wandelen voor Water and also takes part in the advisory board of Wandelen voor Water. ZOA supports people who suffer because of armed conflict or natural disasters, in helping them to rebuild their livelihoods.

Water Company Limburg
Is a member of Aqua for All and through  the “Water for Life” program, they support the Dutch campaign Wandelen voor Water. Water Company Limburg is the drinking water supplier for the southern province Limburg, but they are also responsible for safeguarding the public water supply. They protect resources and promote sustainable use of water, now and in the future. They do so by combining their knowledge and expertise with the right products and services.

BoP Innovation Center
Is our partner in the online marketplace for businesses and also is a partner in the Sanitation Business Matchmaking Estafetta.  The BoP Innovation Center (BoPInc) provides services and tools to develop, learn about and accelerate inclusive businesses in BoP markets.

Is a long-time strategic partner of Aqua for All. Working together to increase transparency in the water sector using Akvo tools, the organisations collaborate on a number of programmes. Aqua for All helps Akvo deploy Akvo FLOW in other consortia programmes like Football for Water. Akvo works with Aqua for All and its partners to help showcase their work via Akvo RSR, on which they have published over 170 projects to date. Akvo also supports Walking for Water, Aqua for All’s annual fundraising and awareness campaign focused on engaging school children. Akvo builds open source Internet and mobile software that is used to make international development cooperation and aid activity more effective and transparent. It provides the software as a service to its partners, backed by a partner-support and training team.

WASTE exists to encourage and support poor people in Africa, Asia and Latin America to improve the quality of their own life, starting with sanitation and other waste.  Sustainability is in the DNA of every program of WASTE, through a focus on building functioning local markets for sanitation and waste and taking into account: demand (households), supply (private sector), governance (government) and financing (financial institutions).

Center for Development Innovation
Is our  partner in the PPP Lab initiative. The Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) works on sustainable and equitable development through innovation, knowledge sharing, capacity development and multistakeholder fostering. > Center for Development Innovation

Made Blue
Is an initiative of Aqua for All, Esteam Work and RoyalHaskoning DHV. Made Blue offers organizations insights in the water footprint of their products and services and matches that footprint by investing in clean water projects in developing countries. With Made Blue, you invest in your brand identity and the availability of clean drinking water elsewhere on the planet. Made Blue helps organizations maintain a frontrunning position when it comes to sustainability and assures measurable impact in developing countries, verified independently.

Water Company Groniningen
Is a member of Aqua for All and therefore supports the idea of giving the Base of the Pyramid access to safe drinking water. Water Company Groningen is a social enterprise broadly focusing on the sustainable protection of water interests.

Royal HaskoningDHV
Is an active Aqua for All member supporting by contributing a membership fee and actively supporting initiatives like Made Blue and Safi Sana. Furthermore Royal HaskoningDHV is a leading independent, international engineering consultancy service provider with roots established in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and South Africa. They specialize in asset management, aviation, buildings, energy, industry, infrastructure, maritime, mining, strategy, transport, urban and rural planning, water management and water technology.